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RV Repair in Cumberland BC

Cumberland BC Mobile RV Service

AWRV Mobileis a complete RV repair service offering skill and experience to meet any RV service requirement. Why interrupt your holiday or home life if you don't have to? The AWRV Mobile service team is dispatched to any location in the Cumberland, BC area and provides RV services that include:

  • RV Wiring
  • RV Solar service and repair
  • RV Insurance repairs
  • RV Safety Inspection
  • RV pre-purchase inspection
  • RV Siding and Structural repairs
  • RV Fridge and cooling units install
  • RV Plumbing, Electrical, Heating service and repair
  • RV Appliance repair
  • RV Splendide washer/dryer service and repair
  • RV Warranty depot

Any RV Make or Model - Repairs - Estimates - Warranties

For more than two decades AWRV has taken great pride in supplying efficient and dependable repairs to any make or model of motorhome and trailer including diesel pushers, tent trailers, and cargo and boat trailers.

Quality Parts and Service

With access to a complete line of parts from reputable RV dealerships and excellent aftermarket suppliers, our fully equipped, insured and licensed technicians start with an accurate estimate you can count on, combined with a reliable warranty you can trust.

RV Insurance Estimates

Are you looking for an honest estimate when filing an RV insurance claim in Cumberland? With extensive experience handling insurance claims, our experienced and knowledgeable staff helps you process your claim quickly, following efficient repairs at reasonable rates. Eliminate headaches and save time and money when you streamline the insurance claim on your recreational vehicle with the help of a friendly AWRV mobile repair expert.

Pre-purchase Inspections

We don't sell or rent RV's and allow you to save even more down the road with an AWRV pre-purchase inspection. Our skilled team of technicians knows exactly what to look for to help you make the right choice when you purchase an RV in Cumberland, BC.

A fully mobile one-stop shop exclusive RV repair service, AWRV delivers convenience, experience and top quality parts and service where and when you need it.